Thursday, January 13, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of Student Centered Learning ?

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  1. Advantage

    In fact, student-centered learning has several advantages for both
    students and teachers. It is evident that , student-centered learning help the students improve and develop their learning and enhance their skills. In addition by this approach the students can get meaningful knowledge that they should take the responsibility of their learning so that they become life-long learners and that will help them throughout life.

    In fact, nothing is perfect in this world. Thus, I think a disadvantage of student-centered learning could be there are students who do not respond well to this kind of environment. That is, some students feel that their teacher should be the one who is fully responsible for their learning and that they should take the knowledge from him/her without paying any effort by themselves for searching for the knowledge……………….


  2. As you have said Mohammed everything has advantages and disadvantages, but I believe that Student Centered Learning or Child Centered Learning has more advantages than disadvantages so I would like to talk about some of its advantages.
    - Many researches show that student-centered learning is effective for every member of the classroom, because it takes into account their diverse learning needs and greatly increases their retention of both knowledge and skills.
    - Moreover, it emphasizes that learning requires active engagement by the students, so it works to engage student in learning.
    - Students gain confidence in themselves as they take on new responsibilities.
    - Student-centered learning enables students to develop the necessary work place skills.
    - It encourages innovation and creativity through deep learning and requires students to think about their learning, the issues and the problems.
    - The student learn to be responsible for his own learning and actions.
    - The student learn things like working with others, team building, developing skills and how to be independent.
    These are some advantages.

    M. al Zeidi

  3. Advantage
    By applying student-centered learning approach, teachers would have less traditional work to do. In fact at this environment students are expected to be more attentive and willing to
    participate in the class. I believe that in upper level courses and with some student-centered learning experience on the teacher's part, teaching is interesting and fun.
    One of the disadvantages that students are suffering from in student-centered learning is that they have to work in teams. In fact some students find it difficult to work in teams because they have not been taught team skills.


  4. Issa:
    I believe that one important advantage of the CCCM is the fact that it encourages students to initiate and monitor their own learning. Instead of relying on the teacher, the children are encouraged to be active and seek the knowledge by themselves. This, I think, is going to create a new generation of students who don't need others to tell what they should do. The students, therefore, will be smarter and more hard working than they are in the traditional learning

  5. I think that one of the most advantages of child-centered learning is that it can be considered as a step forward to make the educational process efficient in our country when it is applied. Through this strategy the student is no longer passive because he/she would be the core of the teaching and learning process in the classroom. Through the previous educational system, the child was marginalized because the teacher was responsible for every thing including explaining the material, engaging the students in the discussion and preparing the material. This kind of learning creates an atmosphere in which the student doesn't fell interested in the subject. However, with this new methodology student feel that they are very much engaged in the discussion. They also feel that they have the opportunity to express their ideas and to participate to the material being discussed. The CCCM-based learning creates a kind of cooperative spirit among students because they almost participate in the all activities that take place in the class room and they work together..

  6. In my opinion, one of the most important advantages of the student-centered learning is that it gives the chance for the students to operate, manage and monitor his own learning proccess under gthe supevision and the guidence of the teacher, so that he could train his self to be independant and this qualifies him to be a good future leader.
    A AlSiyabi

  7. I think that one important advantage of the student-centered learning is that it stimulates students to initiate and monitor their own learning rather that depending on their teacher. Ii is clear that the students are encouraged to be active and searech the knowledge by themselves. This, I do believe, the upcoming generations of students will not need others to guide them or to tell them what they have to do. For now I can not think of any disadvantages of student-centered learning since I love this kind of learning approach......


  8. Hey, have tonnes of advantages already and I need one solid disdvantage that I can use to compare. Any suggestion would be great.....


    1. one of the cons is that the classroom is noisy and busy.That can disturb the students who would like to learn the lessons effectively.

  9. child centered is baesd on upper levels but on primary school children it will be difficult

  10. Disadvantages of learner-centered curriculum:

    The design regards the child’s present powers and interests as final yet his learning and achievements continuously change.

    It neglects critical social goals of education which all students must acquire.

    The design is expensive in terms of time, material and manpower.

    It relies too much on teacher’s personality, initiative and intellect to be able to help pupils select the most significant activities for study.

    Since pupils’ interests and needs determine the structure of this design, the curriculum cannot be planned in advance.

    1. so true! we cannot determine that student who has great interest of math can be an engineer someday. maybe if we limit him to expose on other areas, he might not be able to see his other potentials. if we just allow a intrinsic person to be alone always, he may not be able to work someday in other jobs that require to work with lots of people. another thing, the teacher is expected at this kind of standard to be "taking an extra mile", just to provide the needs of every students she handle. that would create burnout for those teachers that need a lot of time to prepare lessons and varied strategy for her learners, as well as materials to be made. in a class, a learner who is different to others might likely want another strategy used by her clasmate. failed to get good grades, the learner might blame it to the teacher for not giving the kind of strategy that is somewhat easier to her classmate. this kind of curriculum is only ideal if the students are few in a class.

  11. Students have a control in the classroom. They are given more freedom to learn at their own pace and to review with no material left behind. Students get to feel confident without having to worry if everyone in the classroom gets the material but they do not. Students have hope that they will pass with their own knowledge. Students tend to remember more. They learn things not for a test then lose the knowledge but instead learn to know the information. Therefore, student based learning is effective and helps students to diminish competition and to come to school for real knowledge and real thirst to learn

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